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Upcoming Lovo Courses

Upcoming Lovo Courses
Training DateTraining TypeAvailable seats
06/11/2024Lovo Operator Training6 of 6
06/12/2024Lovo Facilitator Training6 of 6
07/16/2024Lovo Operator Training6 of 6
07/17/2024Lovo Facilitator Training6 of 6
08/13/2024Lovo Operator Training6 of 6
08/14/2024Lovo Facilitator Training6 of 6
09/17/2024Lovo Operator Training6 of 6
09/18/2024Lovo Facilitator Training6 of 6
10/15/2024Lovo Operator Training6 of 6
10/16/2024Lovo Facilitator Training6 of 6
11/12/2024Lovo Operator Training6 of 6
11/13/2024Lovo Facilitator Training6 of 6
12/10/2024Lovo Operator Training6 of 6
12/11/2024Lovo Facilitator Training6 of 6

Lovo training is offered monthly, however if a particular training date is full or not available, please submit a request using the form below to determine if any accommodations can be made. Note: Purchase Orders for training must be received 2 weeks prior to scheduled training date.

Lovo Training Inquiry

The Lovo Cell Processing System is for laboratory use only and may not be used for direct transfusion. Appropriate regulatory clearance is required by the user for clinical use.

For applications requiring regulatory clearance or approval, Users may request required Lovo technical documentation from Fresenius Kabi to support their submission.

Refer to the Lovo Cell Processing System Operator’s Manual for a complete list of warnings and precautions associated with the use these products.